Keeping our older loved ones safe and happy is a high priority for many of us, but when giving up the family home is part of the discussion, there?s often a stiff resistance to change and explore senior housing options. Because a house contains so many cherished memories, talk of any change can become emotional.
When the time arrives to have ?the talk? with an elderly loved one, there are professionals who can lend some much-needed assistance. If fact, a growing number of people are turning to geriatric care managers or senior move managers to help sort through the maze of housing choices and levels of care available today. These trained professionals are especially helpful when family members are separated by many miles.
Additional help can be obtained by contacting your county?s Department of Senior Services. Every county has one and it?s funded by your federal tax dollars, so take advantage of the services that are offered.
While every situation is different, positive changes can occur with some well-thought-out planning. Start by making a commitment to do the right thing, and then contact the appropriate social workers for assistance!