While we regularly push off deep cleaning our homes until Springtime, there really is no reason to make this only an annual task. There are several small chores that can be done regardless of the season to keep things tidy and sanitary. Here are 8 tips to keep your home feeling spring-clean all year long.

#1 Keep garbage cans and wastebaskets clean and disinfected

  • Especially in winter when a closed up home traps all the germs in
  • Wash down cans and wastebaskets, even spray disinfectant
  • Scrub away and residue and let dry in direct sunlight as it help eliminate bacteria

#2 Wash and disinfect toilet brushes and holders

  • As with garbage cans, thoroughly rinse and spray wash the inside of the base
  • Let the brush sit in a mixture of hot water with either bleach or vinegar

#3 Flip your furniture over and around

  • Vacuum the underside of your furniture rather than just underneath it
  • Check dust covers that catch dust bunnies and dreck tacked under upholstered pieces
  • Shift the furniture around the room to vacuum the floor in previously hard to reach areas

#4 Clean horizontal surfaces

  • Be mindful of all of the flat surfaces that catch dust, not just tables and countertops
  • Clean the top horizontal edges of interior doors, baseboards, artwork and mirrors, upper kitchen cabinets, light bulbs & light fixtures as well as smaller items such as electrical wall plates and wall-mounted detectors
  • Dust off ceiling blades as a ton of dust gathers when idle

#5 Vacuum Behind the Fridge

  • Pull out your fridge regularly to vacuum behind it
  • Brush off condenser coils, whether in the back or behind the bottom faceplate
  • Check that the freezer vents are clear

#6 Clean seasonal entry

  • Utilize coil doormats to wipe away winter slush and mud
  • Maintain a clean floor by sweeping up dirt and leaves that track in
  • Create a shoe station; somewhere to sit to take off boots and add a rack or tray to keep wet footwear

#7 Clean the windows

  • Take advantage on natural light by cleaning the dirty layer that tints your window glass
  • Clean both the inside and outside surfaces with solutions and microfiber cloths

#8 Change Furnace Filters

  • One of the simplest chores is to regularly change these out, at least every 60 days
  • Minimum efficiency rating values range from 1 to 16, though 7-13 is typical for households
  • Filters with a higher number have a better efficiency, but also restrict air flow