NEW OLEAR BANNERIf you like to watch those popular television shows about fixer-uppers and house flipping, you?re probably already familiar with ?staging? a home when putting it on the market.

Staging a house is an effort to make your home look as appealing as possible during the sale process. For a cost, a staging company will fill your home with top-of-the-line furniture and accessories to enhance its overall appearance and help you obtain the best sale price.

Even individuals with a good imagination can have a difficult time imagining the overall layout and flow of a home when faced with a bunch of empty rooms. Home staging eliminates the guesswork while also painting a beautiful picture for potential home buyers.

Additionally, an experienced home stager may also offer advice, such as removing wallpaper if he or she thinks a fresh coat of paint might look more appealing, or repairing cracks or holes that you may simply overlook. Please note that home staging will not conceal your home?s flaws, so don?t think you?re going to fool the inspector.

The final cost of staging will correspond directly to the size of the home. Staging a condo, for example, will likely be less expensive than staging an entire house.

Research indicates that homes that are staged sell much more quickly than the unstaged home. In most cases, it?s money extremely well spent.

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