Many buyers base their emotional attachment to homes on their first impressions.? Seeing a home that doesn?t meet their initial expectations can often mean that the home is forgotten.? These are some areas of your home that may have an impact on the buyer?s connection to it.

Garage door: Seeing an old, tired looking garage door may be off-putting to buyers because they see the garage before even stepping into the home.? Updating your garage door, or even applying a fresh coat of paint, could help curb appeal.

Windows: Old windows can be seen from both inside and outside the home.? Updated, energy efficient windows are an attractive selling point and could add significant value to your home.

Floors: Old floors can be distracting for buyers; rather than looking at the house, they just look at the dirty or scratched floor beneath them.? Refinishing or replacing floors will help keep buyers attentive to other great parts of the home.

Trim: Painting interior and exterior trim, though quite a job, will make your home seem cleaner and fresher.