Senior care in our is changing rapidly– as the number of seniors in our country grows exponentially, so do their needs. While more seniors are able to “age in place,” there is still a demand for traditional “old age homes.”

Old age homes of today, however, are hardly traditional. The Green House Project, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Rather than put residents at the bottom of the chain, the project wanted to make old age homes that felt like home. Green Houses are based on a community-service feel, with low staff turnover and more than 200 homes in 23 states.

Green Houses are meant to feel like home, and therefore, only about ten residents live in each home. Private rooms and bathrooms, as well as public common spaces, incorporate the feeling of family into the home.

At this time, there are two Green Houses in Rochester, but the project is looking to expand.

To learn more about the project, see this video or the official website.