When putting a home up for sale, you want to make your home appealing to buyers, but also comfortable for you to live in.? Painting, de-cluttering, updating, and de-personalizing are among the most important things you can do.? In these homes, however, someone forgot to do anything, and I can’t help but wonder if these houses ever sold:

1.? They left their Christmas decorations up until May:

2.? They painted their walls black:

3.? They used the covered patio as a storage center:

4.? They… did this to their bathroom:

5. They used Crayola crayons to choose their paint colors:

6. They really like fuzzy surfaces:

7.? They set up a hall of mirrors in their bedroom:

9.? They didn’t clean:

10.? They ran out of space in the house, so decided on an exterior make over: