NEW OLEAR BANNERLet?s face it … you?re not getting any younger and your house is not getting any smaller. Could downsizing be in your future?

It?s something that most of us will consider at some point during our lifetime. To help with the decision-making process, the professionals at The Olear Team have compiled a list of steps to help guide you through this process. The four keys to a successful decision: Assessment, Examine Solutions, Declutter, Written Plan.

An assessment involves taking an honest look at how much of your dwelling you actually use. For example, if you live in a six-room house and find yourself only using the living room, kitchen and one bedroom on a regular basis, you are likely a good candidate for downsizing. You should also assess your daily activities and safety. Will moving impact your social activities and/or provide a safer place to live? There?s a lot to consider, so answer as honestly as possible so you can make the right decision.? This is why we refer to the process not as down-sizing, but right-sizing as the right opportunity can look different for every home seller.

Downsizing doesn?t have to mean moving from your family home directly into a retirement facility. Examine all possible solutions, such as downsizing to a condo, apartment or even a smaller single-level home. It?s also a good time to examine your financial situation. Is it possible that downsizing will provide you with more financial freedom?

Even if you decide to stay put, decluttering your living environment is always a good idea. Removing possessions that you no longer need or use will keep your home free of obstructions and make it easier to clean. And you don?t have to declutter all at once. Make a commitment to remove one box of objects per day or week. Items no longer needed can be sold, donated or thrown out with the trash.

Finally, a simple notebook will help you establish a written action plan whether you choose to stay in your home or downsize. Set simple goals and a reasonable timeline for meeting them … and watch your progress!

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