NEW OLEAR BANNERThe act of selling a home can be a real science, and like anything in life, practice makes perfect. But honestly, how many times will you be in a position to sell a house? Following are some tips that we found on that will be of assistance to first-time home sellers.

? Be ready to sell. Once you?ve determined a price for your home, be prepared for what could be a quick sale. Thanks to the speed and effectiveness of the Internet, you could receive multiple inquiries in a very short period of time.

? Every day matters. If your home is on the market for more than three months, potential buyers may think something is wrong with it. In reality, while the house may be perfect, perhaps it?s the price that?s turning buyers off. Your price should be comparable to other similar homes that have sold in your neighborhood.

? Agent vs. brokerage. What?s more important, the agent or the brokerage? Both are important, but your day-to-day dealings with be with your real estate agent, not the brokerage where he or she hangs their license. While you?ll want to feel comfortable with both, your Realtor has to have your complete trust.

? Be prepared to move. Many sellers underestimate the amount of time it takes to list, sell and close on a home, but if your house is in high demand, the process can move much quicker than you think! Make sure you have a well thought out plan in place regarding your next move before entering the process.