NEW OLEAR BANNERHere?s an undeniable fact of life: The American population is growing older. Today, people age 65 or older make up more than 14 percent of our population, compared to 12.4 percent in 2000 and just 4.1 percent way back in 1900.

As a result, more and more seniors every day are re-evaluating their housing needs and questioning whether they?d be better off maintaining their current home or transitioning to another residence such as a senior community or an assisted-living residence. Close family members are often brought into the situation to offer their opinions and assistance.

The internet is a handy tool for educating yourself on quality of life issues as they pertain to seniors. With a little web surfing, you should be able to find interactive tools set up to aid families in assessing numerous care-giving challenges. For example, there are specific tools that can help determine the best housing situation for a senior. That may include maintaining their current home with the help of home care services, or perhaps moving into a senior apartment, assisted-living facility, nursing home or another suitable option.

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