Have you ever been looking at homes online, only to come across some truly abysmal photos of how a house has been staged? Check out the photos below to see some of the most shocking mistakes that real estate agents have made recently:


The sale on soda this week must have been to good to pass up? the stacked chairs in the corner are a nice touch as well.


The allocation of space here is impeccable; however if you need to blaze a trail through your own garage, it should be a clear indication that you have made a grave mistake.


Compared to the previous photos, this one doesn?t seem all that bad. However it is probably a better example of a situation you might face in your own home. It is important to remember that when staging for an open house; ?less is more?. Which is to say, the less you have on counter-tops, end tables, etc. the better. Clutter, or even too much decoration is a distraction to the human eye; and it will take the potential buys attention away from what they should really be looking at; your home.