Over the years, contractors and DIYers have innovated endless ways to build furniture and architecture. We have seen HGTV specials on tiny homes, underground bunkers, and treehouse living. Modern homes don’t have as concrete of a definition in recent times as more unusual types of houses have gained popularity, not just in their style but their building materials. Still, some houses will catch you off guard when you learn what they are made from.

Planes, trains and automobiles aren’t just for travel when you think outside of the box. Architect David Randall Hertz was the brains behind an operation to build a home utilizing the remains of a decommissioned Boeing 747-200 airplane.

Acting as the main roof of the structure, the aircraft body and wings cover the entirety of the residence, sheltering the main living quarters and bedrooms across two separate buildings. Other structures were built from miscellaneous parts of the plane as well, such as the cockpit windows being utilized as skylights.

Utilizing these recycled materials saved a lot of energy and pollution through carbon dioxide and constructional waste. Taking it from what would otherwise be trash in the California wasteland of retired aircrafts, David created a true treasure and a spectacularly unique home.