NEW OLEAR BANNERBack in the early 2000s, our nation experienced the beginning of the ?Village Movement? with the opening of Beacon Hill Village in the Boston, Mass. area. In the senior housing world, a ?village? is an ?aging in place? community where seniors help other seniors in the same geographic area.

A village can offer many advantages to its residents, such as healthcare services, transportation, social aspects and more. A sense of ?community? is often a key reason for joining.

One such community, Canopy of Neighbors, exists in Buffalo?s 14209 zip code. You can visit their website at for more information.

Ages can range greatly in village communities, but most occupants tend to be in their early seventies. There is typically a membership fee involved for either ?individual? or ?household? status.

As we?ve said before, there are numerous housing options available for seniors who want to move on from the old family home when planning their future. A conversation with an experienced Realtor might be a good place to start if you find yourself in that situation.