Basement flooding.

It?s a problem most of us have had to deal with or one we hope we never do. But for those of us that have and would like to prevent this disaster from happening again there are some things that can be done.

One of the main reasons for the abundant amount of flooding in the early spring is not due to the melted snow but from a combination of the frozen ground around the foundation de-thawing and the heavy arrival of spring rains.? With this increased amount of water if your sump pump fails then flooding will most likely occur.

Sump pump failure is one of the most common reasons for basement flooding/water damage. According to the Insurance Information Institute, ?Water damage? including sump pump overflow, frozen and burst pipes?has accounted for about 22 percent of all residential insurance claims. The average claim was $5,531.?

A few ways to prevent failure are to check the sump basin for any type of debris that might have built up, inspect the ?check? valve to insure that it is properly installed, clean the weep holes out with a toothpick, and install a back-up power source.