In February, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) got together for the Design and Construction Week in Vegas. ?Before the recession, the homebuilding industry was bloated and wasteful: massive, expensive, and inefficient homes dominated the marketplace. ?As the recession starts to dwindle, what does the industry have planned for the future?

1. Smart and Efficient?

Technology is becoming an integral component in home building. ?Heating systems are being designed that learn a homeowner’s patterns and programs itself; other products provide a monthly breakdown of energy use in homes, which allows homeowners to save money in the long run. ?Other cool ideas being developed? ?Completely silent dishwashers and countertop hotspots that automatically charge electronics without cords.

2. Luxury for Everyone?

Before the recession, luxury meant high square footage and granite countertops. ?Today, luxury has become more accessible, with consumers pursuing a luxurious look for less. ?Many of today’s products that look high end are available for any budget.

3. Clean Design?

Architectural styles usually enjoy a 15 to 25 year run and we are in the process of saying goodbye to the clunky mansions that dominated the marketplace. ?Coming up for homebuyers, cleaner architectural styles that look distinctly European. ?New styles will combine the clean modern lines with funky vintage pieces that make a home more distinctly yours.

4. ?Go Green

Green building has evolved over the past decade and the benefits translate to savings for the consumer. ?Companies are showing consumers the tangible benefits of going green, and there is only more to come in the next few years.