In some states, a restriction on the size of an above-ground home has forced millionaire home owners to be more creative.? Many are spending their money on lavish, underground spaces with ornate spas, modern art galleries, or pristine pools.? Other subterranean projects include bowling alleys, bars, virtual golf courses, and skate parks– builders are trying to make the extra, below ground space seem more like a whimsical extension of luxury upstairs.? These mega-basements allow homeowners to add square footage and value to their home by creating luxury spaces downstairs.? And you can be sure these aren’t your parent’s basements– certainly, it will be hard to get kids upstairs.? Yet there are already efforts to end this basement boom: neighbors are complaining about noise and property damage from digging, and lawmakers are concerned about erosion as an environmental effect to these mega-basements.? Until the restrictions do come, you can be sure that these homeowners will keep digging for their basement treasure.

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