This is a little known Western New York gem. You get here by taking Route 104 North from Niagara Falls. There are a few different trails with difficulty ranging from easy to extreme. The easy trail skirts the gorge for several miles and is a very pleasant, gently undulating slope. The extreme trails start with a set of stairs, pretty much straight down and then a winding trail that is a mixture of worn paths and climbing over rocks. YOU NEED TO LOOK FOR AND FOLLOW THE PAINTED TRAIL MARKERS. Go here with a healthy respect for Mother Nature and you will leave energized. There are beautiful vistas all along the way, but the pay off is at the end of the trail where you can sit next to roaring whirlpool. This is where the water is cascading through the gorge right after it hits the bottom of the falls. You can be hypnotized by the near sensory overload of sound, smell, view and touch. It’s a beautiful sight.