In the online era, real estate listings, property history, and comparable home values are available to buyers with just a few clicks.? So why do we need real estate agents?? Here’s a few reasons:

1.? They can interpret information: Given the wealth of information out there, it’s easy for buyers to make a mistake.? Say, for example, you find a home you love.? After looking through comparables, you find a similar house in the same neighborhood sold for $50,000 less.? You want to send in a low-ball offer, but your real estate agent could tell you that the other property sold for less because of significant termite damage in the basement.? They could save you your dream home.

2.? They know the market: Buying a house is hardly a part time job, so buyers can often feel stressed by all of the work and time it takes to find, look through, and buy a home.? Agents have repetition on their side, and they also have a network of information to help you.? Everything from pricing to timing to the best home inspector can be directed to you with an agent.

3.? The market is different: Fewer and fewer people can expect to buy a house and see an increase in their investment.? Today, homeowners are moving out sooner.? If you were to overpay for a home and have to sell it later, you could lose a lot of money.