Appointments to Show Your Home

Your property will be shown by realtors from a variety of companies.? The buyers they bring are pre-approved, registered individuals.? Access to your property is arranged with you by an agent, secretarial staff or a ?third party showing service.



You can be there for showings if you like, however, the optimum method we would like to recommend is to utilize a lockbox (see my next post on Lockboxes) and allow the realtor and buyer to come through when no one is there.? True, you don?t get to see who is coming through your house; however, you are also not waiting around on a sunny afternoon when you would rather be doing something else.? The other advantage that is even more important is that the prospective buyer is more likely to buy if they can get comfortable in the property.


Prearranged times

Showings do not occur unless we obtain your approval ahead of time unless the situation exists where you would just like us to leave you a message when someone would like to show the property.? The showing service or secretary will call and say, ?Ms. Smith, Joe Realtor from GoGettum Realty would like to show your home next Friday between 10 and 11 AM, will that be okay??? If the time works, tell them so.? Also, we would encourage you to say ?No? if you have plans with people who are coming over for a meeting or some other get together.? We know you want to make the house accessible.? In the same way, we encourage you, however, to have healthy boundaries throughout this process.

It must be said here that we?ve also had many situations where it was actually more convenient for the seller to just leave a message for them and go ahead and show the house.? We?ll adapt to whatever fits your comfort level the most.


How much notice do I get?

In most situations, we go with a ?day ahead? notice requirement to make this easier for our homeowners.? This means you will get a call the night before.? If you don?t need that kind of notice, let us know and we will make it less restrictive.? We also set it up with the showing service that they should call one of the team members in the event of a short notice request and we will personally call you to see if the agent and their buyer can be accommodated.

How do I know they were here?

The agents that show your home are asked to leave a card so that you know that they were there.


Feedback from showings

Agents at a full service broker should be making every effort to get feedback to you within 48 to 72 hours after a showing.? Within an hour of the showing, the realtor who showed the property receives an email from us where we request an opinion regarding their showing of the property ? was there any interest? Is there anything we could do to make it more appealing? What do you think of the price?? If there is no response, we send another email about 24 hours after the showing, repeating the same questions in a different way.? If there is still no response, we call the agent by phone and ask these questions.? If all we get is voice mail and no response after another phone call, we note the file that there is no interest.? As soon as we obtain feedback, you will hear from us via email or phone as to what the agent had to say.

Showing reports

Periodically your agent should be supplying you with a comprehensive activity report that will show all showings, dates of the showings, what the agents had to say, etc.??