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Elderlife Real Estate is a real estate service specializing in the needs and requirements of older adults and those who care about them.? We have specialized in this since 1999. Michael Olear?s initial career included a Master’s Degree in Social Work and this blend of social work technique and real estate brokerage has created a hybrid service that has been uniquely useful for hundreds of families in WNY.? Several realtors on the team have the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation.

Whether it?s downsizing from the family house to a smaller home, moving to a senior community, or acting as a POA or executor, we know that the last thing you want is focus on the details.

We will plan out every aspect for you including household sale, repairs, inspections? Allow us to handle the specialized work of selling your property so your attention is where you need it to be.


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Right-sizing your living situation can feel overwhelming. You?d love to find a place that?s the right size for you, but what do you do about all that ?stuff??
Michael Olear of the Olear Team at MJ Peterson has been in the real estate business since 1987. He can offer a simple, step by step approach to?preparing for a rightsizing move.
This plan will include:

  • Deciding what to do with personal property
  • Developing a monetary plan
  • Deciding whether to fix or sell as-is
  • Hiring the right professionals to help you with selling and moving
  • Knowing what requirements are imposed by banks and municipalities when you sell


Helping a Loved One

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?Is your mom, dad or a close friend or relative living alone in a house that no longer fits his or her needs? The need for a housing change is often reflected in the physical changes that are part of the normal aging process. For example, has carrying laundry up and down the basement stairs become a difficult task? Has it become a challenge to climb a stepladder to change a lightbulb, change the batteries in smoke detectors or perform routine home maintenance? As time passes, these tasks become more difficult and thus increase the odds of a fall-related injury.

While it can be difficult to say goodbye to the homestead, the transition may be easier if it is approached as a new and exciting chapter in an ever-changing life. When discussing a housing change with a senior friend or relative, the key is to point out how they can live much more comfortably in a setting that?s free of the demands that come with owning a house.


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So what does an executor do? In simple terms, the executor oversees disposition of property and possessions. It?s a large responsibility to make sure that a person?s last wishes are granted. The executor is responsible for making sure that any debts and creditors that the deceased has are paid off. They must also distribute any remaining money or property according to their wishes.

Often an executor?s duty involves selling the deceased?s house. Doing so is a process that can quickly become complicated without assistance from trusted professionals. That?s why the Olear Team at MJ Peterson developed a program to make it easier to sell a house for an estate. We provide referrals to fellow respected professionals. These professionals can help with this process and might include attorneys, home inspectors, contractors and more.


Senior Real Estate Testimonials

Michael Olear leads an expert and impressive team that has sold TWO houses for us. We were out-of-town sellers, communication was lightening fast and we had wonderful results. Michael came to us very highly recommended by a senior care consulting firm and our lawyer. It was a pleasure to do business with Michael Olear!

Madelyn Grey
Williamsville, NY

It isn?t often now that you find upstanding people to work with on any project.? You are one of the ?good guys? that has made a difference for both Debi and me.

You are a true professional is every way.? From your appearance to your dedication to detail, you made us comfortable with the recent sale of our home.? You always made us feel as if we were your only client?that is something I always tried to do when I was in sales.

Especially being retired, we felt that our interests where just as important to you as they were to us.? The home sales experience with you was very easy because you made it that way.? We have already given out your name to family who will soon be marketing their home.? We hope that they will call you so that you can show them your dedication in helping them to sell their property.

It has been a pleasure working with you.? Thank you again!

Dave & Deb

We first met Michael Olear when we were considering options for downsizing. He came to our house and gave some recommendations for preparing the house for sale. When the opportunity to move arose quickly, he gave excellent suggestions for staging. Due to a short turnaround time, and right during the Christmas holiday, we worried. Michael set a schedule for official listing and viewings and our house sold in 3 days! Throughout, his staff were helpful and responsive. His expertise and professionalism ensured the results we desired. Anyone considering selling should at least chat with Michael Olear before listing with anyone else! Michael Olear will sell your house!!!

John & Jean Dittman
Williamsville, NY

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