Today we present the latter half of our 2 part series on “Health Care Proxy Preparation”.  In Part 1 we discussed the importance of this legal agency decision. In Part 2 we offer direction towards what type of questions and topics you should be exploring when sitting down with your representative. 

Once you have broken the ice with whomever you feel at ease talking with and have set up in a comfortable location it’s time to start putting together your wishes on paper. Outline your ideas with whatever format makes the most sense to you; question and answer, a scale of where you are comfortable in each area, or flat out yes or no responses.

The main questions you need to be covering surround your end of life priorities. Is being around you family crucial? How much of your medical conditions and treatments do you want explained to you? Thinking ahead are there any forms of treatment that you are against and do not want?

Some other topics that may be pertinent to discussion are any disagreements or family tension, as well as any important milestones in your family that you want to be there for. Consider how strict you are on your wishes, do you want your loved ones to follow them to a tee even if it makes them uncomfortable or go with what brings them peace when the time comes. 

Taking a look at the draft you have put together, you will then need to complete two important legal documents; the official Health Care Proxy document and an Advance Directive, otherwise known as a Living Will. Having had these discussions beforehand will help greatly and smooth over any question areas. 

For more information and resources click on the links to a blow for a conversation starter kits and tips on choosing or a health care proxy.