House hunting is a little like dating: you see a series of homes until you find “the one.” But much like dating, falling in love can hurt.

1. Prepare to Get Your Feelings Hurt
Just because you feel a connection doesn’t mean a seller has to sell to you. In high stakes bidding wars, all is fair. The seller may feel a connection with someone else, so keep your guard up until you know for sure that the seller has commited to you.

2. Don’t Obsess Over One Home
You’ll never find a home that has everything on your wish-list, so you’ll need to compromise. But that doesn’t mean you lose sight of what you need: just because a home has a finished basement and home theater doesn’t mean you can ignore the missing bedroom or lesser square footage. Be smart and think about what you need to have a successful, long-term relationship.

3. Don’t Fall Too Hard
When you fall in love, it can be hard to let go. Say you’ve signed a contract for your dream home, but a large list of issues come up during inspection. Those issues will cost you a lot of time and money: don’t be blinded by your love. Sometimes, you need to walk away.