Recently, we’ve published a few articles in the Buffalo News that have to do with “aging in place:” the idea that seniors are staying in their homes and trying to stay active.? It was just announced Tuesday that Buffalo will host the National Veterans Golden Age games, the only Olympic-like games for seniors.? The goal of the games is to keep seniors active, engaged, and social– and to respect war veterans.? The event is expected to bring in some 2,500 visitors to Western New York, including 800 senior athletes.? Those visitors are expected to generate some $2 million dollars in revenue for the region.

Buffalo plans to utilize the up-and-coming waterfront for the games, and also is looking to show off its own contributions to veterans rights.? The Buffalo community boasts the formation of the? first veterans court in the country, which helped veterans with troubles such as dependency on drugs and alcohol, homelessness, and law.

The announcement helps remind seniors to stay active in their passions and community.? For anyone interested in more information, it can be found here.