Looking for your next real estate investment?? Why not buy the town of Aladdin, Wyoming, which is on the market for $1.5 million?? The town’s current owner, who received it as a gift from her husband some 28 years ago, advertises the sale by hanging a sign on the door of the town’s century-old general store.? She hopes that the new owner will see the town’s charm and keep it as is.

In its heyday, the town was home to some 200 people, most of them coal mine workers.? Today, just about a dozen residents call Aladdin home.

What does the $1.5 million buy?? The post office and general store, as well a bar, the current owner’s four-bedroom home and the property under the town’s trailer park are all included. And since there is no indoor plumbing or sewage system, an outhouse is also being thrown into the deal.






The store opened in 1896 and served as a commissary for coal workers. In the years since it has also become the town’s primary retailer post office, serving the full-time residents of Aladdin, as well as dozens of others who live nearby.


Brengle says she hasn’t gotten any offers to buy the town yet, but when she does, she says she’s not going anywhere. She plans to live in Aladdin as long as she can. “It’s so quiet and a great place to raise kids. It’s a wonderful place to live,” she said.