Residents and visitors of the nation’s capital are used to it by now– unlike other major US cities, Washington, D.C. is not full of high-reaching skyscrapers.? Indeed, the city has lived by a height restriction code that was hoped to keep the city feeling airy and Parisian, and also meant to highlight the monuments throughout it.? For more than one hundred years, developers have adhered to a strict height limit on their buildings: nothing can be over 130 feet.? But the city’s mayor (Vincent Gray) and only representative (Darrell Issa) are reconsidering the city’s look in the name of practicality.? With a growing population and business district, and space running short, it might be in everyone’s best interest to develop up.? But the changes may not be as great as some developers hope: it seems that Gray and Issa are only really thinking of adding 15 feet to the restricted height.? So maybe growing up doesn’t really mean growing up: still, our nation’s capital may get a little taller in the next few years.