If you’re thinking about moving, it’s important for you to know?how to find the right Realtor to sell your home.?Finding the right Realtor to work with can make or break a deal. For starters, you want someone with knowledge and experience, great communication skills and no shortage of integrity!

But how do you find the right Realtor to sell your home? Here are some tips to get your journey into the real estate world off to a good start!

How to find the right Realtor to sell your home

  • When interviewing Realtors, be sure to talk with previous clients. Ask questions such as:
    – How long was your home on the market?
    – Did you get your asking price?
    – Were there multiple offers submitted?
    – How was your home marketed?
  • Is your real estate agent licensed and credentialed? If so, have there been any complaints filed against him or her?
  • Is this their full-time occupation, or just something they do on the side to earn a little extra cash?
  • How long has your Realtor been practicing? Are they a novice or a seasoned professional?
  • Does your Realtor have a solid reputation for high sales? Have they earned industry awards for their sales efforts?

Another step to find the right Realtor to sell your home is to test their knowledge. Look at their current listings and ask, for example, how they determine asking price. Also ask them to compare your home to similar houses in nearby neighborhoods to see if they really have a feel for your community.

As a home seller, don?t select a Realtor simply because they want to list your home for the highest price or are willing to work for the lowest commission. Both of these items should be considered red flags.

Regarding price, your home should be priced similarly to homes that have sold in your neighborhood. Remember, you want to attract multiple bidders, not scare them away.?

Proper pricing is an art, and your goal with your Realtor should be to receive a serious offer or offers?within 30 days?of listing. Price the house too high and you could find yourself waiting a long time for an offer. Price it too low and you could be throwing away a lot of money.

As for commission, a low commission could also mean that your Realtor plans on doing the least amount of marketing on your behalf. Is your Realtor offering staging advice? Taking professional photos of your property for various online listings, including the multiple listing service? Creating colorful flyers or brochures? Hosting open house events? Having conversations with other Realtors? Negotiating on your behalf??

Remember the old saying: You get what you pay for!

If you narrow your search down to two Realtors with very similar success records, experience and integrity, then consider looking more closely at their commission rate.

So if you want to find the right Realtor to sell your home, don?t be afraid to do your homework. Your extra effort will likely be rewarded down the road.