1.? Hesitating: Instead of trying to beat the market, it’s best to think about the time that works best for you.? Once you’re ready, hesitation can mean losing out on your dream home, a willing buyer, or a great mortgage deal.

2.? Ignoring expert advice:? Many buyers spend countless hours researching who their agent will be– only to disregard the advice they receive.? They forget that experienced, local agents know more about the market and strategies for getting the best deal.

3.? Overpricing or lowballing:? While you want to get the best value for a home, sometimes overpricing or lowballing can be very costly.? Overpricing could scare away serious buyers, while lowballing could cost you the deed to the home you love.? Be reasonable and smart: sometimes what you think is the right price is very wrong.

4.? Cutting corners:? When your home needs repairs, it’s important to invest in it as if you were still living there.? Fundamental and cosmetic repairs can actually add quite a bit of value to your home, and sometimes can be worth more than the money you put in.? Poor work could be uncovered by potential buyers and scare them off.

5.? Not reading documents: When contracts come in, you’re going to be signing hundreds of times.? Make sure you understand what you are signing so there are no surprises later.