NEW OLEAR BANNERThink your house looks small? Want to make it appear larger to potential buyers? Well, hang onto your tape measure because here are five helpful tips to make a ?big? impression!

? Hang some mirrors. Reflected space will give the illusion of more space. Reflected light can also brighten a room, and brighter rooms appear larger than dark rooms.

? Replace dark colors with lighter options. Lighter colors such as cream, light green, tan and soft yellow will help a room look larger than it actually is, while dark colors may make the room look smaller. This applies to everything from walls and rugs to furniture and throw pillows.

? Busy isn?t better. Bold and busy patterns can also make a room appear smaller. Once again, try to stick to softer, solid colors to add a feeling of spaciousness.

? Addition by subtraction. Naturally, too much furniture or oversized furniture will make any room feel cramped. If possible, remove a piece or two in an effort to show more floor.

? Height matters. Have a high ceiling? Show it off by adding a tall plant or a tall piece of furniture. The object here is to draw the eye upward!