As a homeowner, you should begin every season with some preventative home maintenance measures. Here are some interesting tips we recently came across courtesy of

Let?s start with winter, since that?s the season we recently entered, and some easy indoor tips. Check grout and drains in the bathroom, and repair as needed. Grease noisy door hinges and sticking locks, and travel down to the basement for cleaning and an overall inspection. Finally, reinforce leaky seals around doors and windows.

When spring arrives, check your home?s exterior for holes in brick, cracks in siding or other damage, and inspect the foundation for cracks. Silicone caulking can repair many minor issues. Also, inspect your roof and while you?re up there, clean out the gutters. Have your air conditioning unit services so it?s ready for summer.

In the summer months, stay on top of pest control and inspect the deck and/or patio. Check your exterior vents and clear them out if needed. Also, look for plumbing issues such as leaky pipes or poor water pressure.

And finally, during the fall season, keep up with leaf raking to avoid killing your grass, and have your furnace serviced for winter. Cover your A/C unit to protect it from the elements, and have your chimney cleaned if you have a fireplace.

These are just some basic tips to get you started. Feel free to add on depending on your overall comfort level with maintenance projects.