If you enjoy watching the popular television shows that focus on housing rehab and sales, you probably already know the secrets of a home stager. A home stager is a professional who comes into a private residence to make the home as appealing as possible before the open house events begin.

While hiring a professional home stager is a great idea, you can certainly do the work yourself if you don?t mind rolling up your sleeves to take on the tasks.

Following are a few secrets of a home stager that anyone can tackle.

  • Get rid of clutter. You don?t want the house to look too busy. Move items to storage, even if it means renting a storage facility for a month or two until the sales process has concluded.
  • Remove family photos and other personal items. After all, you want potential buyers to picture their family in the house, not yours.
  • Clean everything. Every corner of the house should sparkle and shine, from floor to ceiling and everything in between.
  • Add warming accents such as fluffy, clean towels in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Set the dining room table to give it a clean, formal and inviting look.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to rooms in need. Neutral colors are always a safe bet.
  • Give the feeling of more space by eliminating some pieces of furniture. You don?t want the room to look naked, but you do want every room to be comfortable and easy to walk about.
  • Have an unfinished basement? Create a small gym to show its hidden potential.
  • Add flowers. Everyone loves flowers, whether they?re inside or out.
  • Make sure the house is well-lit and replace any burned out lightbulbs. Consider adding lighting to an area that gets very little natural light.
  • Remove outdated decor and add eye-catching artwork. Ask a friend for help when it comes to removing decor. While you may still love it, it may have passed its style expiration date.

So there you have it. The secrets of a home stager are no longer a secret! For more information, please don?t hesitate to contact The Olear Team today.