One of the many conversation we have with out clients is “How to get your House Ready to Sell.” In part of one of this series, we talk about the best one thing to do to get your house ready to sell.

In the video Michael Olear discusses the one thing he tells most sellers to do when he discusses how to get your house ready to sell. In WNY most people use their side door or rear door to enter or leave their house. However, most homes we’re built with front entry in mind and this is the best method of entry when selling a house.

Old metro newspapers laying around, spider webs, holidays lights, dirt and worn out paint are all detriments. Be sure to freshen up / paint the door, trim and clean up as well.

A buyers first impression begins here, so it’s critical to start off on a positive note. NAR cost vs benefit study identifies the front entry as always returning over 100% of investment.

Watch part 1 of our video series with Michael Olear below: