Over the past several weeks we?ve been presenting tips for selling your home faster and for the best price. Today?s tips are simple reminders, yet very important to the process.

? List your home online extensively.?Today?s home buyers use today?s technologies to their advantage, so be sure your Realtor lists your home on as many search engines as possible. There are over 200 of them. Add beautiful photos, a map, contact information and important selling points to make the connection with potential buyers that much easier!? Let me emphasize ? the photos must be perfect, bright, low density for easy download and the frame needs to be free of distracting items.

? Host an open house.?There?s nothing like good old-fashioned foot traffic to build interest in a property, but remember the all important first impression. Be sure to keep the house clean and clutter-free … and priced in line with the neighborhood comps. Your Realtor should be providing a wealth of information and advice. Your best strategy is to do this early on in the process, often with a hold on showings for a couple of days to start the listing. Take the demand that is already present and turn it up a notch with this technique.

? Ask for feedback.?Every time your Realtor shows the house, he or she should be collecting feedback on the look and feel of the property, the price, and anything else that you can use to help sell the property. This can be extremely helpful if the listing period evolves past a couple of weeks. Be open minded to truly reach your objective.

Proper pricing, extensive exposure and reasonable condition will always result in maximum dollars in the minimum amount of time.