Why did the chicken cross the road? To get into Williamsville, where he can now live peacefully among the historic homes and tree-lined streets of this walkable village.

Last week, the Williamsville Village Board adopted an amendment to village code which will allow residents who apply for a special permit to raise up to six chickens in their backyards. Prior to the amendment, the only place you?d find chickens in Williamsville was on the menu of your favorite restaurant.

According to a newspaper report, the local law includes 16 guidelines residents will need to obey in order to keep chickens on their property. In other words, you can?t just wing it.

While the new law is good for chickens, it does discriminate against members of the rodent family. Included among the 16 chicken housing guidelines is a requirement that all chicken feed be kept in secure, rodent-proof containers.

Now before you go crying ?fowl,? you can review the village code at walkablewilliamsville.com.