What is a lockbox?

A lockbox is a secure, portable safe that hangs on a door knob, gas meter or some other secure spot.? An extra key is left inside this device for real estate people to use after they have obtained permission to show your property.

Is this secure?

The lockbox can only be accessed by a registered member of the board of realtors.? In addition, the realtor must also have an authorized electronic key.? The electronic keys receive authorization daily via the cellular network.? When the electronic key is utilized, it sends a message through this? network to the central server indicating that the box was opened and by whom.? This provides an enforcement component as all lockboxes are number coded and we log then when they are deployed.

Can I still use my keys?

The lockbox we use does not inhibit you in any way from coming and going as you usually do. It only hangs on the door.? It does not interfere with your lock in any way.