One fact that everyone can agree on is that America is aging. And while it?s true that Americans are living longer than ever before, one negative to come out of that situation is that it comes with a financial cost as many seniors are simply outliving their savings.

As a result, some seniors are forced to sell their homes and look for less expensive housing options, while some might even become homeless. Not wanting to give up their freedom and independence, other seniors are willing to look into a unique alternative called home-sharing.

Let?s say you?re in your senior years and your spouse has passed away and the kids are spread across the country. Is having a roommate share your home, housework and expenses the answer to your problems? Here are some of the positives:

  • You can stay in your home longer if your finances begin to dwindle.
  • Your roommate, who could be much younger, can share the housework.
  • You can keep your independence longer.
  • Plus, you get the added bonus of companionship.

Obviously, home-sharing is not for everyone. For those who will consider it, you must be clear about your expectations when searching for the ideal roommate, and you must have a huge amount of trust.

If home-sharing sounds like it just might work for your situation, we suggest contacting a licensed social worker to assist with your search. For more information on home-sharing and alternative housing for seniors, please contact The Olear Team today!