As Sandy heads for the Northeast today, homeowners should do last minute checks to make sure that their home is safe.

1.? Walk the exterior of your home, checking for any low-hanging branches.? If it seems that a branch is weak, trim it, if possible.? Look for any loose objects that could become a missile, if picked up by wind.? Store any loose objects.

2.? If you are worried about your basement flooding, place important objects high off the ground.

3.? If you must evacuate, secure your home from weather and any other threats– like vandals and thieves.

4.? Place all important documents, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, and other objects in a light, waterproof bag or suitcase.? Make sure you can easily grab it should you need to flee.

5.? Charge all necessary electronics– phones, laptops, iPods.? Unplug unnecessary electronics.? Do laundry, dishes, and other household tasks.? Put important food products on ice.

Remember that property safety comes second to the safety of yourself and loved ones.? Be prepared to lose power and make sure that family, friends, and neighbors are also prepared.