NEW OLEAR BANNERIf you?re a fan of any of the real estate ?flipping? shows on television, you may have noticed that a common practice when selling a home is to ?stage? the home to give prospective buyers a good idea of what it will look like with tables, furniture, artwork, etc. in place. A properly staged house is definitely an advantage if you?re looking for a quick sale.

A recent story on shared several staging tips, and we?ll condense them down over the next several weeks to share the ideas with you. Here are five items to get us started:

1. Boost your curb appeal by power washing siding and walkways, plant blooming flowers, mow the lawn, wash the windows and touch up paint and stain as needed.

2. Have a welcoming front porch. Even if it?s less of a porch and more of a stoop, give it a welcoming feel with a new doormat, blooming potted plants and clean light fixtures. Solar lights are also a nice touch.

3. Clean, clean and clean some more. Your house should be sparkling, from floor to ceiling. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to give you a hand with the tougher jobs.

4. Clear out the clutter! Clean and clear surfaces and floors will grab the attention of potential buyers in a positive way. So, how do your floors, cupboards and closets look?

5. While your house should be clean, it should also appear comfortable and ?lived in.? After all, it?s a house, not a museum. Add a personal touch or two such as fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table.