Home-Depot-Blog-Outdoor-Christmas-Decoration-Inspiration1.? Online Marketing Becomes Very Important: With buyers extremely busy around the holiday season, putting your home online means that buyers can decide ahead of time if your home is worth their time.? Especially in Buffalo, buyers don’t want to spend their weekends traipsing in and out of homes that don’t end up being worth their time.? Marketing your home online is convenient for the buyer.

2. Weather Exposes Property Problems: Wet weather helps all parties– buyers, sellers, and inspectors– find those repairs that need to be made or negotiated.

3.? Competition Falls: The number of buyers looking falls dramatically during the holiday season, with all of the parties and obligations.? This can be great for buyers who look for a home now, as it means that there could potentially be fewer offers made on your dream home.

4.? Motivation Spikes: While some buyers may put off their search until after the New Year, others can be highly motivated to end the year with a new beginning.? This is great for sellers, who may only field offers from extremely serious and motivated buyers.

5.? Halls are Decked:? Decorations aren’t limited to the inside of a home– whole neighborhoods are decked out.? This gives buyers ideas about their neighbors and the community they may live in.? For out of town buyers, looking also at calendars of events gives an idea of how they will fit into their new city.? Keeping an eye on communities and events means that buyers can see how active the community is.

6.? Willpower Wanes: Eating and exercising habits– which tend to fall during the holiday season– can effect the willpower of buyers.? As willpower wanes in other areas, it can continue to wane with financial decisions.? Don’t house hunt when you’re tired or feeling depleted, as it can truly effect your decision-making.