Everyone knows that homeownership is a big responsibility, from monthly mortgage? payments to maintenance.? But owning a home also comes with unexpected costs.? The best way to prepare for those costs?? Have some money saved for surprise costs and never go out of your comfort zone when buying a home.

1.? Property tax increases: talk to your lender about possible tax increases and know that, with every increase, there is usually a tax rebate available.

2.? Utilities: ask the seller for estimates of utility bills for the best idea of how much these will cost you each month.

3.? Unexpected repairs: pay attention to your inspection report and fix any problems right away.? Also, make sure to renew your home warranty annually.

4.? HOA fee increases: always pay attention to information your Homeowner’s Association puts out (such as newsletters) to stay on top of any changes in your fee.? Keeping up with this information may also help you find repairs covered by your HOA.

5.? Special assessments: keep up with your town government or HOA to know about any special assessments on your home.

6.? Basic maintenance: always keep track of what has been fixed and when, and keep money aside for these basic repairs.