Do you have questions about the world of Real Estate? We are starting a web series answering commonly asked questions and clarify misconceptions, and we want to hear from you about what topics you want covered!

Whether it is defining terms, suggesting questions for interviewing realtors, or learning about mortgages and financial assistance opportunities we are here to help! Contact us through our website, message us on Facebook, or email to submit your inquiries and topic suggestions for upcoming videos. 

In our first video for this series, set to air next Wednesday, December 16th, we hope to ease fear associated with selling a house during the current health crisis. Tune in to learn what precautions you can take adhering to health and safety regulations, and still achieve maximum value for your home. Additionally, we direct viewers to visit our subsequent website, for more information.

This series, dubbed “So Mike”, will be available to watch on our Facebook page as well as our Youtube channel. New installments will air every Wednesday for the foreseeable future. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for our weekly content and stay up to date with The Olear Team.