In markets where housing inventory exceeds the number of potential buyers, finding a home for an attractive price is not just possible, but probable.? In these markets, household income is high enough to buy a reasonable, ?mid-market? home without overpaying.? Often, a high number of foreclosed and damaged homes also help to drive down market costs.? Among the top ten places to find affordable homes are Buffalo and Rochester, NY.? U.S. News found that of 51 metropolitan areas with populations over one million, these cities offered the most affordable housing:

1)???? Atlanta, GA

2)???? Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

3)???? Las Vegas, NV

4)???? Rochester, NY

5)???? Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ

6)???? Cleveland, OH

7)???? Cincinnati, OH

8)???? Buffalo, Niagara Falls, NY

9)???? St. Louis, Mo.

10)? Kansas City, MO