Over the course of the year, real estate market sales trend along with the changing of seasons. We tend to see a fairly consistent cycle over time as it comes to who the bulk of potential buyers consists of. While there is no set “best time” to buy a house, we can give some insight to who we typically see enter the market throughout the year.

Winter may hold a smaller sample of buyers than other times of the year, but the clientele is more serious about making a purchase. These no-nonsense buyers are willing to trudge through the snow and cold weather, and tend to have a more immediate priority to move. You won’t have looky-loos strolling through open houses or booking showing appointments as a waste of time.

In the spring time we start to see more single families walking through the door. Parents are looking to secure a new home purchase at the end of the school year to have ample time to move over the summer months and not disturb their children’s education. It’s also a good time to evaluate possible leaks on properties from rain or the melting snow that they might not want to undertake in repairs.

Summertime means a surge of first time home buyers! Whether freshly graduated and ready to fly the coop or recently married, younger buyers finally have the time to start looking for their starter home. The weather is more ideal to window shop open houses and eventually move in.

Come autumn we don’t see as many families rushing the market, as investment properties take over as leading sales. With fewer homes for sale, investors are able to get more bang for their buck on a rental or flip. Sellers are considerably more motivated to make a quick sale and are willing to make negotiations to close the deal.

No matter the time of year, there are always positives to be found in buying or selling a home. For more information contact us at info@olear.com and start planning your move today!