When we run across unique tips to help sell your home, we like to share them. Here are some that we find rather interesting!

? Lights, camera, action! Walk through your home and neighborhood and create a brief video for prospective buyers, telling them and showing them what you love about living there. Post the video on YouTube and promote the link across your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

? Socialize! Social media is a very powerful and helpful tool. Use platforms such as Facebook to connect to your friends, family and colleagues, and ask them to share your message with their friends.

? Involve the neighbors! If you?re friendly with your neighbors, email a link of your home?s online listing to them and ask them to share it with their contacts. And, be sure to tell your neighbors about your open house so they can share the news with any friends or family who may be looking for a home. This way, you?re letting your neighbors take part in the selection of their new neighbors!

We?ll have more selling tips in the coming days and weeks, so please stay tuned!