You did it! You?ve made your way through the entire real estate transaction right up to the actual closing. While you?re almost at the finish line, there are still some obstacles to overcome to ensure successful completion of your transaction. Following are some tips to avoid a delay in closing.

  • Make sure you?ve met all contingencies indicated in the sales contract. Your real estate agent should be all over this one. If there were items noticed during the final inspection that need your attention, you have to resolve all issues before closing or risk a delay until they are successfully addressed.
  • Move all of your items out of the home, unless something was negotiated and noted in the sales contact. If it?s not in the contract, then you need to take it with you!
  • Once all of your items have been removed, make sure the house is cleaned. Broom cleaning is the minimum. Consider this: Leave the house in the condition you would expect if you were moving in.
  • Rather than dealing with checks, have funds wired directly into your bank account. If safer, quicker and less likely to result in complications at closing.
  • At closing, be certain that you see proof that your mortgage and any other debts ? such as a second mortgage or a home equity line of credit ? are completely paid off.
  • Make sure all paperwork is in order before arriving at closing. Your Realtor and real estate attorney should be on top of their game when it comes to all the necessary paperwork.

We hope these tips to avoid a delay in closing will help make your next real estate transaction as smooth as possible. For additional guidance and information, please contact The Olear Team today!