Today we?ll conclude our recent series of articles in which we?ve recapped a story that first appeared on highlighting some easy tips for selling your home quickly and efficiently. If you like articles featuring helpful real estate tips, check back again soon because we?re always unearthing new stories!

When attempting to sell a home …

? Group your living room furniture into arrangements that inspire conversation. Buyers like to picture themselves relaxing and conversing with family and friends.

? Do a practice run through your house to make sure nothing disrupts the flow. You don?t want your guests bumping into furniture as they walk through the house.

? Baking cookies just before an open house will connect buyers with the kitchen. If you?re not prepared, you can fake it with a delightfully scented candle.

? Get creative and showcase how your space can be utilized. For example, a chair or rocker with a strategically placed coffee cup and a book can turn an empty corner into a comfortable reading nook.

? Draw attention to focal points. For example, red throw pillows can draw attention to a window seat, while a striking fern on the mantle can highlight the fireplace.

? Spend some time outdoors and trim the shrubs, weed the flowerbed, touch up the paint, etc. And remember, first impressions are the most important!