While there are a lot of individuals working in real estate, there?s actually just a small percentage of agents who are making what the population would consider to be a great salary. Being a Realtor is hard work and takes a tremendous amount of dedication and effort to make it to the top.

So what separates average Realtors from great Realtors? Here are just a few items that top Realtors do differently, day in and day out.

  • They?re good at follow-up, and they follow-up fast! Keeping your commitments and obligations is very important in this industry. Miss a meeting with a client and it could very well cost you a commission down the road.
  • They put their money where their mouth is by hiring skilled people to assist them. Cutting corners is not a good idea in an industry that is so highly competitive. Teaming with skilled copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, photographers, marketing experts, etc. will set a good Realtor apart from the competition.
  • Top Realtors aren?t afraid to share the spotlight. Sometimes teaming up and working on a difficult sale with another real estate professional can be in your best interest ? and in the client?s best interest!
  • They?re not afraid of the technology that has tremendously impacted this industry. The world is moving faster and faster, and staying knowledgeable of technological advancements can put you in the driver?s seat.
  • They put the customer first. Relationships with clients that are built on trust, dedication and commitment will surely lead to future referrals.

In a nutshell, a lot of what top Realtors do differently boils down to heart and a great work ethic. If your Realtor lacks either, it would very likely be in your best interest to move on. You deserve the best representation, don?t you?