It’s already been a very eventful Buffalo winter– freezing temperatures, rain followed by snow followed by sun and lots of ice have left many homeowners with extra projects. ?It is important for all homeowners to check up on their homes to make sure that they do not have a disaster on their hands. ?Check out this winter maintenance check list and use it to look over your home:

1. ?Check the foundation, basement, and pipes. ?There could be water seeping into your home or pipes could burst from constantly freezing and thawing. ?A frozen pipe needs only a 1/8th inch crack to leak as much as 250 gallons a day, according the State Farm.

  • Locate your home’s water shut-off valve; learn how to turn off the water quickly in case a pipe leaks.
  • Keep the temperatures within your home at 55 degrees or above, even when you’re gone.

2. ?After a storm, go outside and check for damage from wind and broken tree branches. ?Scan your roof for missing shingles.

3. ?Cold weather drives pests like mice and insects into the walls of your home. ?Seal any cracks that may allow pests to come in, keep your kitchen counters free of food and remove garbage promptly.

5. ?Check to make sure that your sump pump is operating efficiently. ?If it has a battery backup, unplug the pump from the wall and test it.

6. ?Examine the ducts of your furnace and seal any leaks with duct tape.