How to Get Your Family Home Ready to Sell – Part 3 – NRTC

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One of the most confusing examples of jargon that people encounter when buying or selling a home is NRTC. So what does this actually mean?

Literally NRTC means Not Represented To Code. This is used most often when describing a wood burning or gas fireplace or a wood stove.

The Buffalo/Niagara Board of Realtors and the Bar Association decided many years ago that they would always utilize this phrase as boiler plate in a contract of sale because even if a fireplace is safe to use, it could potentially be out of compliance with the current building code in a particular township. For instance, the firebox dimensions have changed over the years.

Fireplaces that are checked and maintained regularly may actually be out of conformity with current building code. Although these are totally safe to use and documented as such, they do not comply with code.

To protect sellers and realtors, this NRTC phrase came into use nearly three decades ago.